Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | November 3, 2010

turning point?

Today has been a good day.  Hannah has produced three dirty diapers and it’s only 3:30pm!  She pulled the suction tube out of her nose which wasn’t so great… but then the doctors said that it was OK to leave it out, which was a relief!  The best news came about an hour ago when the nurse came in and said that Hannah was cleared to nurse!  Let me tell you- she was one happy little baby girl to finally get some food in her tummy.

The GI doctors are still not exactly sure what caused her distended stomach or what has been causing the constipation or the excessive spitting up.  They want to do one more procedure tomorrow to test for Cystic Fibrosis and they are currently tracking down Hannah’s newborn screen results from the hospital where she was delivered.  In the meantime, I will be able to continue to nurse her and they will keep a close watch on her tummy, on the amount of spit-up, and the number of dirty diapers.  Please pray for continued healing!




  1. So glad to see glimmers of hope! God’s mighty hand is all over sweet little Hannah. Praying for miracles and healing! Love you!

  2. Oh how wonderful to be able to nurse and snuggle with your precious little girl!

  3. HOORAY!!!!!!!

  4. Hooray! What a good feeling to be able to feed your girl again!! Snuggle her close! =)

  5. EJ,
    Words can only begin to explain how upset I was to receive news of all of the pain that you, Russell & Hannah have endured since her miraculous birth. Know that we are all thinking of you & keeping all of you (but especially Hannah) in our thoughts & prayers. Love you, EJ 2!

  6. God is good all the time!
    All the time God is good!

  7. We love you guys. all of you. So glad to hear about your day.

  8. So excited! God is so faithful.

  9. Bet you never thought that one day you would be thrilled to have lots of dirty diapers! ; )
    Great news indeed!!! And still praying for all of you…

  10. Yes!!!!!!!!! One good day is like the sun coming out from behind storm clouds. Just wanna hold her myself. I am looking forward to meeting Hannah. Meanwhile you’re not alone even when u feel strangely isolated because your circumstances. Many of us are prayerfully cheering for Hannah. We cover you with love. One foot in front of the other until you find yourselves home.

  11. Yeah!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

  12. I was cheering outloud when Kyle and I read your update! Praise God!! And I totally had a dream last night that we were packing up your things for you to go home! Yes, Lord! Soon and very soon… Praying for answers and a non-invasive treatment. We love you guys! Call me if you need anything!

  13. Yay! been thinking of you all so much.

  14. I bet little Hannah wasn’t the only one glad to get to have something to eat. I bet momma was relieved to be able to nurse her and get a little relief as well. It is funny how much we begin to appreciate all things in life, e.g. bowel movements. The power of prayer and the power of that amazing little girl is almost beyond comprehension. Let’s hope today is a smile day all day long.

  15. Amen!!!! I am so happy I am crying!!!!!!

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