Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | November 17, 2010

tuesday night

Today was better, indeed.  I enjoyed some sweet snuggles with Hannah-bean this morning as the mornings continue to be the best time for her.  The GI team came in a little after noon to update me on “the plan”.  All of the upper GI tract x-rays from yesterday showed there to be no physical blockages in Hannah’s intestines.  Therefore, the doctors have narrowed it down to two possibilities.  First, they said that she could be suffering from slow motility.  Second, they said that the problem could still be with my milk.  They are leaning towards the latter.  That being said, they gave the go ahead to start giving her a special kind of formula, Elecare, that is supposedly very easy for babies to digest.  They will monitor her closely for a few days to see if her belly becomes distended again or if everything works as it should.

I wish you could have seen how fast Hannah chugged her first bottle of Elecare.  She was one happy girl… until it was empty and then she screamed for a while.  We are sad at the thought of Hannah not being able to nurse but hopeful that this attempt could work.  It also means that we will be spending a few more days in the hospital… but hey, at least there’s ESPN in the room and it’s college basketball season.





  1. Good news. We’re continuing to pray here. Nursing doesn’t make you a mother; God made you a mother and you are THE one He chose for sweet Hannah. Love you! ~C

  2. So glad you are updating, and SO GLAD you are getting some answers! Grace, grace, my friend. You are an awesome mama!! Kiss sweet baby girl for me.

  3. Cindy is right , while it is disappointing to not nurse, there is so much more! We hope this is the answer and you are all home together soon. Love Jeanene

  4. So glad it was a better day for you and Hannah. Hoping for a string of amazingly awesome days! Love you, Aunt LaLa

  5. This sounds so much more like the Eliza Joy we know and certainly love. To Ms. Hannah, you go, girl. If this formula is the solution both of you will cherish every bottle that little girl chugs! Nursing is a wonderful, wonderful thing but nothing compared to having a comfortable, healthy baby.

  6. Bless you guys, praying for you! Thank you Jesus!

  7. Oh good! This is great news! We are continuing to pray for Hannah and you and Russell. We love you guys and will still bring you dinner when you get home. 🙂 don’t worry though-not dinner from Mon night! 😉

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