Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | November 18, 2010

heading home again

In Hannah’s short 5.5 week life, she has “left the hospital” three times.  Wow.  Hopefully this will be the last time.

We left late last night worried if Hannah would get to sleep at all.  After spitting up what looked like formula mixed with some blood, we asked for her to be put back on the IV in case she didn’t tolerate the rest of her feedings.  I came back this morning at 7 to find out, much to my surprise, that she had a great night.  She calmed down.  She ate well.  She slept well.  We were so relieved.  I talked for a while this morning with a GI resident doctor who has become my favorite.  We finally decided that since Hannah’s belly is still soft, she has had at least one bowel movement each day, and she is tolerating the Elecare, we would be released later this afternoon.

Let me first say that I am thrilled to be home again with Hannah.  However, I also am soberly aware of the fact that we are reliving the same situation from two weeks ago.  We were released from the hospital two weeks ago because she was eating, pooping, and her belly was soft again.  We went home and she seemed to be doing great for a week… until last Saturday when her belly looked like there was a small soccer ball lodged inside of it.  All to say, the fact that her belly is “soft” right now doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re in the clear.

It will be easy to leave today with the nagging voice in the back of my head saying, “You will just be back here again in a week.  The problem isn’t fixed.”

It will be more challenging to leave today with the hope that this is the last time.  The doctors even said that if the same symptoms present themselves again and we wind up back here in a week, they don’t have an answer.  It’s easy to give way to fear.  It’s challenging to believe.  But today, we feel up for the challenge.  Diagnosis or not, answers or no answers, we believe in a God who still heals and we choose to hope in Him for the healing of Hannah’s digestive system.

That being said, please continue to pray that she continues to tolerate the Elecare and that most of all, her system continues to work as it should.  The plan is to keep her on Elecare for the next two weeks as I continue to pump.  In two weeks, we will meet with the head GI doctor for a follow-up appointment and then discuss where to go from there.  I was given the heads up today from the resident that even if Hannah is doing great, he probably will ask me not to switch back to nursing her.  But hey, there’s still a chance.  🙂

Hoping for lots of these monitor/tube/IV/cord-less moments in the upcoming week…




  1. Love this picture so much!!!

  2. Eliza Joy, you are an inspiring new mom. God’s blessed you with some amazing gifts. Keep up the courage and the faithfulness. It is encouraging and amazing to see you work through this and with so much of God’s grace. Thanks for sharing your story. We will keep praying for Hannah. Digestive issues are no fun and so scary. I’m hoping and praying she’ll outgrow this in the two weeks!

  3. Continue to hold you all up in prayer!!! Praying that it will only be going forward and for God’s healing hand to heal what it is that isn’t right. Even if the doctors don’t know God knows. And praying for lots of strength to your hearts and spirits!! Love you guys!!!

  4. Hey There Friend,
    Continuing to pray for little Hannah and you two. Love you all sooo much. God will reveal to a wise man what exactly is going on. Praying for this one to come forth and for Hannah to be healed. It is coming! Hugs to you a all. If I can help you in any way please call. I will come. Love You!

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