Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | November 18, 2010

wednesday night

Today threw us for a loop.  Hannah had a good night and a great morning.  However, things took a turn for the worse early this afternoon.  She screamed her way through her 3pm feeding and for the three hours afterwards.  She tolerated her 6pm feeding but then half an hour later, she started screaming again and hasn’t really stopped since.  She hasn’t slept more than 10 minutes at a time since 2pm.  Her cries, to the best of our knowledge, aren’t merely hunger cries or tired cries.  Her cries are ones of pain.  Even when she does fall asleep, she will wake herself up with a piercing cry.  The doctors don’t know what to attribute it to and so their answer continues to be, “Well, we’ll keep an eye on her”.

They have given us the liberty to make the decision as to whether to keep her on the new formula (Elecare) overnight or to hold off on it and just keep her on an IV.  If only it were that simple…

We are emotionally tired but wanting to make the right decision for Hannah.  Please pray that we would have discernment as we make a decision tonight and talk to the doctors in the morning.



  1. Holy Spirit, give wisdom and clarity to Russell and Eliza Joy in this moment. Speak clearly, and give them confidence that they hear Your voice. Touch Hannah’s body, bring complete healing, and fill the room with Your manifest presence. We are praying!

  2. Gosh. We’re praying for you. Do you guys need anything? Can we help? Do you want company at the hospital, EJ? Are you there by yourself during the day? I could come during nap time. Just give me a call. Love you guys! Hang in there!

  3. You are beneath His gaze. Regardless of what you feel, even what your eyes tell you. You are beneath His gaze. As I have prayed for you, I have seen a warm laser-light from the throne upon the three of you. You are beneath His gaze.

  4. Hey Elisa Joy,
    I have been keeping up on this, and SO sorry for this trial.
    You are most likely bombarded by unwelcomed suggestions but I am going to suggest something anyway 🙂
    Kefir. That’s the only thing I keep thinking as you post each time – perhaps that baby needs some kefir to get those bowels going. It’s safe for infants, and I would recommend some made with raw milk versus store bought, but anything would help probably.

    Bless you, and I’ll keep on praying,

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