Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | December 3, 2010

appointment recap

Russell and Hannies are on a daddy-daughter date and I’m finally finding a few minutes to sit down to write an update.  I smell like spit-up and can’t remember if I have even brushed my teeth yet today.  I was only able to cross off 2 out of the 9 things on my “Thursday to-do list”.  This mom thing is pretty glorious, I tell you!

Well, we almost didn’t make it to the appointment!  When I went outside to turn on my car yesterday morning, nothing happened.  I initially panicked, knowing how difficult it is to schedule an appointment with the doctor we were seeing.  I called Russell who encouraged me to start knocking on the doors of neighbors to see if someone could help me jump my car.  I tried… but nobody answered.  Russell rushed home, tried to jump the car, but again, nothing happened.  We decided to switch the carseat into the truck only to find out that it wouldn’t install properly.  At this point, I was laughing… nervously.  Russell then had the genius idea of calling our other neighbors who are out of town this week… but whose car was sitting in their driveway.  “Uncle Bill” came to the rescue and graciously let us borrow his car.  I arrived to the appointment 30 minutes late, but atleast I arrived! 

OK, now to the important stuff.  After a quick height and weight check, we sat down with the GI doctor who had been assigned to Hannah’s case when we were admitted to the hospital the first time.  After walking him through what life had been like post-hospital departure, he brought up a condition known as bacterial overgrowth.  I don’t understand it completely but I’ll try my best to explain it.  Basically, I gathered that there are good and bad bacteria in our intestines.  When food isn’t properly digested, like in Hannah’s case, an excess of bacteria is produced as it sits there.  This overgrowth of bacteria produces a lot of gas which is what could be causing Hannah to display the colicky symptoms and just generally be in a lot of pain.  He also explained that babies with this condition can also be ravenous eaters, which describes Hannah to a T.  Hence the nickname “hungry, hungry hippo” that she has “earned”.  Our fiesty little girl screams bloody murder every time we take the bottle out of her mouth to burp her making (almost) every feeding time a battle, to say the least.  When we feed her more, she spits up more and has more gas pain.  When we feed her less, she screams.  It is such an incredibly helpless feeling… and I feel it 8 times a day! 

So, the doctor prescribed Hannah with an antibiotic that we are supposed to give her three times a day that will hopefully kill off the bad bacteria.  He advised me to keep pumping and he scheduled another appointment in two weeks.  Also, he said that she needs to gain some serious weight!  If we don’t see a change in two weeks, the doctor said that he will have to insert a special scope down into Hannah’s stomach to take a better look at what is going on.  He said that he really does not want to have to do this… meaning that the procedure would be pretty terrible. 

So, that’s where we are.  To sum it all up, we need a breakthrough.  Hannah needs one… and her parents need one, too, and it’s a good thing we serve a God who loves to break through for us. 

While we’re waiting for that breakthrough, however, take a look at our little sweetheart. 

and one more thanks to my sister-in-law, laurel




  1. Hannah is in my prayers. Thanks for the update.

  2. Thanks for the update EJ! Great black and white pics too!

  3. Hey Capps family. Just want you to know that the smell/stain of spit-up on your clothes and the lack of memory of whether you brushed your teeth, combed your hair, or took a shower is absolutely normal in the new parent world. Just not very important in the big picture. However, it must be so frustrating to not have definitive answers on what is making Hannah uncomfortable but it sounds like the medical staff are taking it step by step and trying to put it together. It would be so much easier if little Hannah could just tell you what is making her hurt. It sounds like you are getting closer to some answers. By the way, your daughter is so beautiful and has that precious smile. Give her some hugs for me, will you?

  4. Will and I are praying for a break through! Love you. Hannah is just precious! I love her two month pictures.

    Much love,

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