Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | December 11, 2010

two months and an explosion!

It was late last night and Hannah was sitting calmly in her bouncer chair when all of a sudden… we heard a rumbling!  “Did you hear that?!?” exclaimed Russell.  “What was it?!” I asked him.  “I think it was just her tummy”, he assured me.  “Ummm, you might want to check her pants”, I teased.

And it’s a good thing we did!!!

Prior to having Hannah, I never anticipated the extent to which we would celebrate a dirty diaper!  Let’s just say we did a little victory dance for her…. and then promptly ran upstairs to change her, marveling over the abundance of poo.  Well… Russell was trying to change her and I insisted that he wait so that I could find the camera and take a picture!  I think she may grow up with a complex considering we celebrate her dirty diapers as much as we do.

The dirty diaper was especially encouraging after a week where her belly became distended twice and we made a few emergency calls and a quick trip to her pediatrician to see whether or not we’d have to return to the hospital.  It looks like she just wanted to spend her two-month birthday at home with us…. and her fave monkey, Sha-nay-nay, courtesy of Aunt Lizard.

Here she is on her new favorite seat... the bumbo!



  1. Could she be any cuter??

  2. So, we’re really still excited about poop! Hooray!!!! =) Happy b-day!!

  3. love the updates! xoxox

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