Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | December 23, 2010


Preface:  This is a random bullet-point post.  Why?  Because that’s just how I’ve been thinking these days…

Hannah-Bean got a new hat... and I'm loving it!

–2 more days until Christmas!!  2 more days until we take Hannah on her first plane ride!!  Needless to say, we’re a bit nervous.  We’ve joked about the idea of baking dozens of cookies and handing them out to every person sitting around us… just in case Hannah starts to cry… and doesn’t stop.  If only I had a bit more time before we leave…

–I love Christmas traditions!!  I love old ones and new ones.  Sweet Josie joined us for our first annual Capps family Christmas Lights Extravaganza.  The title sounds a lot cooler than the actual event, but don’t tell anyone.  We all dressed in our PJ’s, made popcorn and Mexican Hot Chocolate (thanks Josie!), loaded up in Russell’s truck, listened to Christmas music and drove through Lee’s Summit’s “Christmas in the Park”.  Let’s just say that although the actual lights were pretty cool, waiting for 1.5 hours to see them was not.  Next year our tradition may take us to a different part of town.

–I’m really excited for Christmas Eve with these friends this year.  The menu has been planned and it looks incredible and we’ll follow up our meal with a traditional Christmas Eve service here.

–I had my first root canal on Tuesday.  Not fun at all.  What is fun, however, is the email that came to my inbox late that night from a sweet friend of mine who also just happens to be a budding photographer!  It said…  “She’s a beauty Eej!  I loved capturing her today!  Enjoy:)”  What followed were 17 absolutely beautiful pictures of little Hannies that she took of her while I was getting my root canal.  It made me want to have a root canal more often!!  Just kidding. 


This one is my absolute favorite!!




  1. Oh, I love these pics! She is a beautiful little girl. Merry Christmas to you all..Hugs,

  2. She is absolutely beautiful. I love the smile, I love the pink!

  3. What a princess!!! Beautiful. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. Oh WOW! I SO love these pictures!!! PRECIOUS! And btw- I too had to have a root canal in Sept… 😦

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