Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | January 3, 2011

squirrels, bobs, and a great day

So far, so good!  This morning, Russell and I prayed that it would be Hannah’s best day yet.  And let me tell you… it has come pretty close!  I arrived to the Prayer Room at 8:15, fifteen minutes late for the 8am set, even though I woke up at 6:30.  A lot changes when it comes to getting two people ready in the morning instead of just one.  We lasted in the PR until 11am at which point we headed over to the IHOPU offices.  Hannah napped for about an hour and I was able to work fairly efficiently during that time.  After she woke up, however, she was starting to act pretty “squirrely”, or at least that’s what we call it when she is acting restless and squirmy.  I decided to bring her home to feed her and continue working from home.  After another nap, we headed out for Hannah’s first walk in…..   the Bob.

Oh, the joyous, wonderful, incomparable Bob stroller.  Here’s a GIANT thanks to my dad (who said that he just had to get it for me since it was named after him) and Mary for the stroller that will truly revolutionize my life.  Hannah loved it.  She loved it so much that she eventually fell asleep.  It’s a shame, really…  because while she was napping, I saw the most glorious thing.

Drum roll please……

That’s right….  an albino squirrel!!

I almost woke Hannah up just to see it.

Here’s to a great first day back, squirrely children and albino squirrels, and bobs (fathers and strollers).

All cozy and warm!

She was so excited, she could barely contain it.

And now… a shout out to my favorite Bob of all.

Yes, Russell convinced him to try on some ski gear that had just arrived in the mail. My dad is quite the sport.


  1. wow! What more could you ask for??? Sounds like a great day to me! Love the pics! Great squirrel, right in our neighborhood too….Hannah looks quite happy! Hugs lady!

  2. Sounds lovely! and wee hannah looks so cute in her new stroller! Miss you Eliza Joy and love following your life through your blog. Love hearing your thoughts and reflections and descriptions!!
    Keep writing, especially for those of us who are too far away to pop by and see you!

  3. LOVE!!!! here’s to squirrels and bobs!!!! I’m going to send that squirrel pic to Ashley Lawson and she will flip out.

  4. So happy sweet Hannah had a good day. Chris and I are praying for her and for you and Russell. Avery had severe reflux and was really fussy as an infant – although it sounds like Hannah’s troubles are more difficult. I found our stroller to be my saving grace – when Avery was in the stroller she was happy and content. I remember one day walking 10 miles because it was the only way she would calm down. She did outgrow it – and is a beautiful happy 2 year old now!

    • Julie! That’s encouraging to hear that she outgrew it. I know that they always do.. but sometimes it just seems like they never well. The GI doctor we are seeing prescribed Zantac and that seems to have solved the vomiting problem and she seems to be in less pain as well which is a huge relief.

      Where are you guys now? I miss you and hope you all are well!

  5. Oh, wow! Strollers have REALLY changed! Can Bob also cook dinner?

    • Not only can they cook dinner but they can change diapers and give baths, too! You should get one, Mama Rote!

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