Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | January 5, 2011

5 outfits in 12 hours.

Yes, you read that right.  Today proved to me that scheduling my day will be just plain old difficult.  I had grand ambitions for today.  And well, as you read in the title, Hannah had different plans.  She woke up this morning and decided to have a growth spurt.  About time.  I just wish she had warned me sooner.  Instead, every two hours, almost on the dot, she would start to wail and wouldn’t stop until the bottle was inside of her mouth.  Hence, my unproductive day.  As for the 5 outfits in 8 hours, well, let’s just say that twice, I cleaned poop out from in between her toes.  Yes, her toes.  Yes, twice.  Blow-out central.

Despite it all, however, I just had an overwhelming sense today that “it still counts”.  Even if I’m distracted 97% of the time while I’m in the Prayer Room, it still counts that I’m there.  Even if I start to pray for one person only to finish up that prayer 3 hours later when I remember, it still counts.  Even if my intercession looks disjointed, scattered, and weak, it still counts.  Even if I spend the majority of my day feeding Hannah, changing diapers, and trying to calm her down enough to fall asleep, I can still please God.  I absolutely love that about Him.



  1. “It still counts.” This is a great lesson for a Mom to learn. You will probably have to ‘learn’ it over and over again. I have.

  2. Oh, my friend… It does still count!
    What kind of diapers are you using on that girl? Are we still happy for the poop? It sounds very exciting when it makes it all the way down to the pigs! =)
    (Pampers Swaddlers don’t leak too often, for what it’s worth!)

    • Carrie! I miss you! We have to get together at some point soon. And yes, we are still happy for poop around here. 🙂 We’ve tried the swaddlers but I haven’t paid too close of attention to which diapers leak more. We have a bunch of Bum Genius ones just waiting to be used but sadly, our little 10 pounder doesn’t fit in them yet. Hopefully soon! This growth spurt she is in will certainly help. 🙂

  3. I wish there was a “LIKE” button for blog posts b/c I just really like this!

  4. it counts. i love your new stroller,
    today josie talked about how pretty hannah was.

  5. The BumGenius diapers will help with the blowouts, too!! =)

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