Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | January 28, 2011

future skiers


Our favorite time of year is just around the corner and Russell determined that it was high time to prepare Hannah for ski school.  Josi joined in on the fun, too.  In three weeks, we will be driving out to Breckenridge for a little winter vacation.  One redeeming quality of KC is that it’s close to the Colorado mountains, that’s for sure.  We have the privilege of staying with our great friends, Ryan and Lauren (and Lauren’s family), in their beautiful (severe understatement) house.  I mean, it even has heated floors.  Dream come true.  I’m so excited for a little getaway, great time with great friends, and of course… hitting the slopes.

We may even break out our trendy snowsuits.

Ryan and Lauren Hebel... our crazy fun hosts.



  1. yeah baby!!! hannah looks so cute and tiny compared to chubbers 🙂 heheh thanks for dinner last nite- you guys are the best.

  2. Love the pica of Hannah and Josi! And u guys in your trendy snow suits!

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