Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | February 1, 2011

“this is a privilege”

I know that I shouldn’t brag and that I shouldn’t complain (my dad taught me that by example), but this morning I am going to do both.

bragging time:

Hannah is an all-star when it comes to sleeping at night… at least, most of the time.  For the past month, we consistently put her down at 7pm, wake her up to feed her around 9:30pm, and then she doesn’t get up until 6:30am.  She normally wakes up between 3 and 4 in the morning and cries a bit, but I just go in, give her a pacifier, and pat her on the tummy for a minute or two until she falls back asleep.

complaining time:

Last night, Hannah woke up 7 times between 3am and 5:30am.  I actually considered bringing in my pillow and sleeping on her floor, just because the idea of crawling back under the covers only to get up ten minutes later was starting to feel like a cruel joke.  But at some point during those two and a half hours, that faint whisper hit me and I was reminded…. “This is a privilege”.

this is a privilege:

When we came home from Children’s Mercy Hospital the second time, the GI doctors had put Hannah on a special formula and instructed us to feed her every 3 hours, even in the night.  Since she had been sleeping for 5 hour stretches prior to going to the hospital, this felt especially challenging.  I hated having to set an alarm multiple times a night for that entire month.  However, each time (well ok, not each time, but a majority of the time) the alarm went off, I slid out of bed and into my slippers, stumbled down the hallway into the bathroom to make a bottle, all the while whispering to remind myself, “This is a privilege”.  It helped me to get through that month and it continues to help me get through the days when my selfishness rears its ugly head and frankly, I forget how great of a privilege this is.

Despite what our culture sometimes says, children are a gift.  They are not an inconvenience or a burden.  They are the greatest blessing and I hope that God gives us many of them!

trying on daddy's favorite hat




  1. yeah baby!!! and LOVE the hate 🙂

  2. oops, that was supposed to be HAT ..heheh no haters.

  3. Love this Eliza Joy. Love needs reminding. Always.
    Oh the 7 to morning sleep – what joy and bliss! Even on the hard nights in between – keep your mind set on that 7 to morning:) It only gets more consistent. Hannah is your crown! Glad that things seem to be settling!

    • Marcy- You are so right. As you mentioned before, I constantly find myself wishing we could fast forward time so that I could have a 4 year old but I know this time is precious! Hope you all are doing well and thanks again for all of your help and insight these past few months.

  4. I so resonated with this, Eliza Joy! There are SO MANY moments throughout the day when I am so tempted to complain or cry “woe is me! the girls didn’t nap today, I deserve a break!” I realized the other day that what I need each day is not for my girls to do all the right things to make my life easier, but I need to learn to die to myself, to pick up my cross and carry it. I have been meditating on this a lot lately…
    She is BEAUTIFUL btw!!!

    • Hi Jenny- Thanks for saying hi! Just so you know, your insight into being a mom inspires me and I love reading what you are learning in addition to the cute little girl moments that you share on your blog. Looks like we’ll need to plan a joint trip to CO one day soon so our girls can all meet.

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