Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | February 11, 2011

four months!

Time is flying!  Here’s the little bean in all her four month glory:

Dear Hannah,

You continue to be such a joy.  Every morning, your dad and I look forward to walking into your room, turning on the light, and waking you up.  We both stop whatever we are doing to take part in our little morning ritual.  Seeing that first smile of the day as we peer over your crib is the best part of our day.  It also helps that those few minutes each morning are the only minutes of the day when we know that you aren’t going to spit up on us since you have nothing left in your tummy.  But don’t worry, that’s not the main reason, just a little added benefit.  Speaking of spit up, you have rightfully earned the nickname, “Old Faithful” due to the fountains that omit from your mouth.  It just adds to your charm, really.  🙂  You are starting to babble every so often and we are loving it.  Sometimes we turn down the music in the car just to listen to you talk to yourself.  You love your hands and you love putting them in your mouth.  You are just starting to reach out to touch things like the little stuffed toy on your bouncer chair.  You happily sit in your bumbo seat while I make dinner and you are starting to enjoy tummy time a bit more, too.  You have quite the strong personality and you like getting your way.  That’s ok though… we will have lots of time to work on that.  Overall, we love seeing your personality start to peek out and we just can’t wait to watch you continue to grow.  You truly are our greatest joy.


Your spit-up covered yet adoring mom and dad

tummy time!



  1. i love hannah.
    i love her.
    i want to hold her.

  2. She is so adorable!
    But let me get this straight. You wake her up in the morning? As in, you are up before her and walk in her room and tell her to rise and shine? Am I reading this correctly?

    • Hahaha, let me clarify, Lindsey. We never actually wake Hannah up. She wakes up on her own every morning and only when her babbling turns into crying do we begin our morning routine. This happens somewhere in between 6 and 7:30am. Sorry for the confusion… if I knew how to get her to sleep long enough for me to actually have to wake her up, I’d be elated. 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness!!! She so looks like Russell here!!!!

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