Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | May 4, 2011

you might be a redneck if….

guest post from russell:

Today something happened to me I just couldn’t believe.  I would like to think it was just because Virginia and Owensville Road were on my mind, but I was actually just listening to a sports radio station and driving to Home Depot for the third time today (really, I got the wrong size baluster again?  Brutal.  Oh wait, you are all out of the size I need and I have to drive to Lee’s Summit to get one little piece of wood?  Sweet.)  Okay, back on track.  So I am driving along my favorite road in Kansas City.  It actually has curves and is mostly wooded with a few cute houses on the east side and a lightly attended old golf course on the west side.  That is when it hit me.  It was a very specific aroma.  I drew in a deep breath to verify the familiar scent.  I thought to myself “I know this smell, it’s just like Charlottesville!”  And I liked it.  Now, what smell is it you ask?  With a gorgeous town like Cville that is regularly voted one of the best places to live in the U.S. you might be imagining the smell of honey suckle in the morning mixed with dogwood blossoms.  Or, perhaps you’d think of the smell of Bodo’s – the  best bagel place in the world and a frequented establishment of the Capps family.  Rather, after my second long whiff I realized that familiar smell – road kill.  It was a rotting, decaying carcass of some animal whose run for the other side of the road had not been successful.  And you know what?  It put a smile on my face.  That’s right.  I guess I must be a redneck, because even the ghastly fragrance of dead raccoon is a nice smell, if it reminds me a bit of the county and where I come from.  So with that said, I am much looking forward to our visit to Cville next week!



  1. Yeah Charlottesville and owensville:) I’m exicted to see you guys!

  2. You are too much girl!!! Have an awesome time! I saw your wonderful hubby and beautiful daughter in the PR last night! She is gorgeous, of course! Love you all.

  3. Russell, you’re funny!

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