Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | May 27, 2011

what we learned on “vacation”

I learned that there is really no such thing as “vacation” once you have a baby.  It’s more like everyday life… but at somebody else’s house.  I learned that sleep schedules can be grossly interrupted.  Hello 5am wake-up sessions.  I learned that luggage triples in quantity and yet you will inevitably still forget something even though it feels like you packed your entire house.  Most of all, I learned that for the first time in four years, Kansas City is starting to feel more like home than Charlottesville.  It even feels strange to type that… but it’s true.  And surprisingly, it is a relief to finally feel that way.

Hannah, on the other hand, learned something a bit more practical:

More “vacation” stories and pictures to come!



  1. I know what you mean about vacation’s changing. Sylas is two and we actually had a lot of fun on this last one. We still found ourselves trying to remember to think around naps and bed time. They are more flexible than we think they are and they and their sleep schedules recover with time! =)
    I’m glad it’s starting to feel like home here. It is a weird, and wonderful feeling! =) Congrats!

  2. Oh my…that’s the cutest video I’ve ever seen! Way to go, Hannah! Eej, looking at the pictures from the most recent post made me realize that I miss you! I know, weird, right? But it’s been a few weeks, and we need to get together! Loved the pics of Hannah at the beach. Beautiful!!

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