Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | May 31, 2011

C-ville Trip #1

It was my first time back to Charlottesville in a year and I was sure missing it!  The first day there, I took Garth Road into town and felt like a tourist.  The mountains were more beautiful than I had remembered.  The picket fences… horse farms… rolling hills…  There’s just no place like it.  And instead of just automatically wishing that we still lived there, I felt this wave of thankfulness wash over me.  “Thank you, Lord, that I get to visit this incredible place when we come back into town.  Thank you for making Charlottesville so beautiful.”

After spending a few days with both sides of the family, Hannah and I headed to Virginia beach for the weekend while Russell and Isaac enjoyed a few days together doing manly things.  The weather forecast predicted rain for the few days that we were going to be at the beach but it ended up being a beautiful weekend.  There’s nothing like being back with the people who know you the best.  We talked a ton, cooked great food, hung out on the beach, enjoyed a long walk, talked some more, went on a boat ride, ate funfetti cake,  and talked some more.  Here are a few pics from the weekend.

hannah didn't like the pool too much...

but she did like the beach!


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