Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | July 11, 2011

nine months!

Dear Hannah,

Today marks the big nine months.  We celebrated by going to the grocery store, your favorite.  You haven’t learned the difference between friends and strangers yet and so every time that we go into public, you assume that every person is your buddy.  Big smiles, an occasional flap of the arm (aka wave) and lots of leg kicking.  Every errand takes twice as long with you but that’s OK, I like doing them with you.  Here’s a summary of what you’re like at nine months:

You like, in no particular order:

1.  shoes more than toys

2.  any and all food

3.  to carry clean diapers with you as you crawl around the house

4.  bath time and the pool and gulping as much water as possible during those two activities

5.  walks in your stroller

You don’t like:

1.  to be held while we’re sitting or laying down.  in fact, you wiggle, squirm, and then cry.

2.  naps.  not one bit.

3.  when we put sunscreen on you

4.  naps.  did i already mention that?

You have the sweetest little voice and although you usually only talk when you are playing by yourself, we love every chance we get to listen to you chatter.  You love playing with other little (and big) kids and you tend to follow around the bigger ones while crawling over the little ones.  You don’t yet have the concept of personal space but we’ll work on that.  Every time we pick you up, you kick your little legs as fast as you can as if you are treading water.  You love to crawl on us and over us.  Recently, when you start to crawl to something, you’ll lower your head and crawl with such determination and intensity that it cracks us up every time.  You’ve run into a few walls doing so but you don’t seem to mind.  You are fearless.  You fall many times a day but rarely cry unless the fall scared you.  You have one little tooth on the bottom row that is slowly making its way up.  You like being tickled, especially on your thighs and your laugh constantly makes us laugh.  You continue to be all motion, high energy, all of the time… and although you are a lot of work, we couldn’t love you any more.  You are the most wonderful little girl and I’m so excited to see your personality continue to develop.

PS- Thanks for not spitting up as much as you used to.  We’re really grateful!

PSS- “Sitting still” is an oxymoron when it comes to you.  See pictures as evidence!

take 1

take 2

that's it... i give up!



  1. Love your updates! Can’t believe wee Hannah’s 9 months already… time goes so quickly.
    Love, Elisabeth

  2. Ohmygosh, she is so darn cute. And I get to chase her around in 3 weeks!!!!!! ….or maybe she’ll be chasing me around. Happy 9 Months, Hannah!!

  3. She’s gonna be a beauty queen with those eye lashes!!!

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