Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | September 24, 2011

any day now…

This little guy is going to come any day now!  I have to admit that it has been pretty different this time around.  I haven’t even set up his bassinet or purchased the first box of newborn diapers but my excitement is growing rapidly.  Though I am certainly apprehensive when it comes to having two kiddos that are so close in age, I recognize that it is such a privilege and will be such a joy.

Hannah continues to be a little firecracker.  She is taking lots of steps… though they normally end up like this:

She continues to crack us up with her many faces, tumbles, and quirks…

But she also has an incredibly sweet side to her and is slowly but surely learning how to let us cuddle with her (for all of 10 seconds at a time).

And here’s the obligatory belly shot… even though I was distracted and looking the wrong way:

Next time I post… it just may be pictures of our son!





  1. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it’s so soon! Hannah is soooo adorable!! Wow, what a beautiful and blessed family you are. Can’t wait to see photos of little baby Capps. Did you decide on a name yet? Miss you so much my friend!!! Praying for this last leg of the pregnancy and grace and wisdom as you adjust to being a mother of 2 (oh and for Russell too of course:). Big hug, Elisabeth

  2. Aww! These pictures make me do happy! I was shocked to see her standing up! She’s growing up so fast! And adorable. And your belly looks like a wonderful pregnant belly! 🙂 lots of live to u guys!

    • Oh… I meant “so” happy and “love” not “live”! Haha

  3. I love your full tummy covered with a busy one year old! You are just too cute! You guys’ll be great with two!!! Let me know if you want us to take Hannah for a play date when you need to rest with the little guy! Can’t wait! =)

  4. Oh, Eliza Joy! Praying and can’t wait to hear. MUCH love to you all!

  5. Heard the news! Happy Day!

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