Posted by: myroadtoemmaus | October 19, 2011

the birth story- Part 1

My due date of October 7th came and went. Though initially I was disappointed because we were getting so anxious to meet our little guy, I was also relieved because another day meant more time to get ready. Well, that was short lived. I woke up on Saturday morning (the 8th) with contractions. They started very mildly and were spaced out about 10-15 minutes apart. I woke Russell up and with excitement, proclaimed to him… “Today’s the day!” Little did I know that 24 hours later, I would still be having contractions, still 10-15 minutes apart. This was so different than my labor with Hannah where my water broke in the middle of the night and we drove straight to the hospital.  We spent Saturday taking care of last minute details and trying anything and everything to speed up the labor! We took a couple of walks, I did some lunges and squats, we ate Chipotle for dinner and I put a few drops of the spiciest salsa on each bite. I even got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed our kitchen floor.

I wasn’t able to sleep much on Saturday night since most of the contractions were strong enough to wake me up. After another walk around the neighborhood on Sunday morning, things finally started to pick up. By around noon, we noticed that the contractions were definitely getting closer together. By around 2pm, they were almost five minutes apart and so I made the call to my midwife who told us that it was indeed time to head to the hospital. Finally!

We gathered up Hannah’s stuff and dropped her off at our friends’ house down the street and we were on our way. As we drove down the highway, Russell turned and said to me, “Watch you already be at 7cm!” I tried to squeeze out a laugh but deep down I was thinking… ‘Yeah right, watch me still only be at 3cm’ (which is what I measured at my last DR’s appointment on Friday). With Hannah, it took me hours of contractions in the hospital to go from a 3 to a 4 and I didn’t want to get my hopes up that I was already past that stage.

We checked into the hospital and settled into the triage room where a nurse asked all of the normal questions and then some abnormal ones like “Do you have any tattoos”? Hmmm…  She then proceeded to check me and surprisingly exclaimed, “You are already measuring 6cm!” Let me tell you… that was the best news I had heard in a long time and I was pumped!!!



  1. Ok, I am dying for the rest!

  2. Haha I love what auto-correct did to my name:)

  3. Love it! Can’t wait for the rest!

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